Facts Incarnate


It is believed that music is the greatest creation of man. Why? Well, regardless of race, gender, culture, nationality or faith, music is integral to every aspect of life. It reaches down and connects to the heartbeat of every soul. In essence, its effect on us earmarks a difference between us and animals. Music is a powerful force.

It is no surprise that music is the undercurrent of different events in our lives. Music is a powerful force. Its power is infinite. And when music is channeled through a song, it can literally come alive. Whether it’s a protest anthem, social mantra or charity stimulant, the song can be the impetus to carry the message literally for years. Think of the civil rights staple “We Shall Overcome”.

The right song can propel protests and movements to grow into political causes. The passion for music can stir emotions to encourage the famous to recognize the plight of those less fortunate and use their musical talents to create a heartfelt song that raises money for worthy charities. A heart-wrenching anthem can shine a light on the injustices of our societies inspire the downtrodden to be uplifted to courageously stand up for themselves and change the trajectory of generations.

I’ve listened to music since before I can remember according to my sisters! My favorite class in high school was Music Appreciation – learning to understand that every artist in every genre is telling a story making that story special and filled with meaning.

It can be transformative when you have the right music for the right situation.